Ruhi Patil - Pursuing Medical Studies and Coordinating Community Care

About Ruhi Patil

Attending the Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California, Ruhi Patil is pursuing an DO, or doctor of osteopathic medicine. Among her extracurricular responsibilities is serving as curriculum representative, and she regularly votes on important campus matters as one of six student representatives. Ruhi Patil also organizes focus groups after each course is completed, with an aim of improving curriculum offerings.

Attending the University of California, Los Angeles, Ms. Patil earned her undergraduate degree in biology cum laude and received the Chancellor's Service Award for her campus and community activities. As Financial Supports Commissioner within the Undergraduate Students Association Council, she spearheaded initiatives such as the Calculator Loan Library and the Textbook Advocacy Force that benefited less fortunate students. She also set in place a Lab Coat Loan Library initiative that involved collecting lab coats from students and distributing them to those who could not easily afford their own coats.

Ms. Patil’s current community activities center on coordinating volunteers at the Montclair Clinic, which is committed to offering local residents of limited means with discounted health care. Among Ruhi Patil’s favorite free time activities are Bollywood dancing and traveling.